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画像 認証名 認定者 ビジネススコープ 有効日---失効日 検証済み
FCC FCC Alpha K1.K2.K3.K4.K5.K6.K7.K8.K9.K10.T2.T3.T4 2015-11-12 ~ 検証済み
EMC EMC BCTC W12,K5S,K6S,RTU5020,RTU5021,RTU5022,S251,S264,S265,S266,D222,D223,DAM,M120T,M160T,M340T,M400T,M410T 2017-07-13 ~ 検証済み
CE CE BCTC W12,K5S,K6S,RTU5020,RTU5021,RTU5022,RTU5023,S251,S264,S265,S266,D222,D223,DAM,M120T,M160T,M340T,M400T,M410T 2017-07-13 ~ 検証済み
CE CE Shenzhen ZKT Technology Co., Ltd. K9,K3, RTU5025, RTU5020, K5, K5S, K6, K6S, K8, S120, K1, K4, T3, W12, RTU5024, RTU5021, RTU5022. 2018-07-02 ~ 検証済み
EMC EMC ZKT S251 2018-07-18 ~ 検証済み
CE CE Shenzhen ZKT Technology Co., Ltd M100,M110, M120, M130, M140, M150, M160, M200, M210, M220, M230, M240, M310, M320, M330, M340, M410, M420, M100T, M110T, M130T, M140T, M150T, M200T, M210T, M220T, M230T, M240T, M310T, M320T, M330T, M420T, M100c, M110c, M120c, M130c, M140c, M140c, M150c, M160c, M200c, M210c, M220c, M230c, M240c, M310c, M320c, M330c, M340c, M410c, M420c, M100d, M110d, M120d, M130d, M140d, M150d, M160d, M200d, M210d, M220d, M230d, M240d, M310d, M320d, M330d, M340d, M410d, M420d. 2018-07-18 ~ 検証済み
CE CE Shenzhen ZKT Technology Co.,Ltd M100,M110,M120,M130,M140,M150,M160,M200,M210,M220,M230,M240,M310,M320,M330,M340,M410,M420,M100T,M110T,M130T,M140T,M150T,M200T,M210T,M220T,M230T,M240T,M310T,M320T,M330T,M420T,M100C,M110C,M120C,M130C,M140C,M150C,M160C,M200C,M210C,M220C,M230C,M240C,M310C,M320C,M330C,M340C,M410C,M420C,M100d,M110d,M120d,M130d,M140d,M150d,M160d,M200d,M210d,M220d,M230d,M240d,M310d,M320d,M330d,M340d,M410d,M420d. 2018-07-25 ~ 検証済み
CE CE Shenzhen Alpha Product Testing Co.,Ltd K1,K2,K3,K4,K5,K6,K7,K8,K9,K10,T2,T3,T4 2015-11-10 ~ 検証済み
CE CE CE Approved Testing Company: Most GSM House Alarm Systems 2007-05-26 ~
CE CE SEM RTU5011,RTU5015,S110,S100,S120,S130,S140,S150,S3524A,R-01,A10 2010-05-26 ~
CE CE Anbotek GSM ALARM SYSTEM,GPRS RTU DATA LOGGER, SMS CONTROLLER,ETC. S160 S200 S220 S240 RTU5016 RTU5017 RTU5018 RTU5019,etc 2013-10-21 ~
Test Report Test Report ABOTEK R&TTE Directive GSM SMS controller RTU5012,RTU5013,RTU5014,RTU5015,RTU5016,RTU5017,RTU5018,RTU5019, S160,S200,S220,S240,S250,S260,S261,S262,S263,264RTU1442,RTU1884,RTU2442,RTU2884,RTU3442,RTU3884,M16,M32,M64,M128,M255,D200,D221,D230,D231 2013-10-21 ~
Test Report Test Report ABOTEK GSM SMS CONTROLLER RTU5012,RTU5013,RTU5014,RTU5015,RTU5016,RTU5017,RTU5018,RTU5019, S160,S200,S220,S240,S250,S260,S261,S262,S263,264RTU1442,RTU1884,RTU2442,RTU2884,RTU3442,RTU3884,M16,M32,M64,M128,M255,D200,D221,D230,D231 2013-10-21 ~
EMC EMC Anbotek GSM SMS Controller,RTU5012,RTU5013,RTU5014,RTU5015,RTU5016,RTU5017,RTU5018,RTU5019, S160,S200,S220,S240,S250,S260,S261,S262,S263,264RTU1442,RTU1884,RTU2442,RTU2884,RTU3442,RTU3884,M16,M32,M64,M128,M255,D200,D221,D230,D231 2013-10-21 ~
CE CE BCTC Product :alarm M/N :RTU5025 T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,RTU5024,RTU5025,K1,K2,K3,K4,K5,K6,K7, K8,K9,K10,S180,S251,S270,S271,S272,S273,S274,S275,S276. The EUT described above has been tested by us with the listed standards and found in compliance with the council R$TTE directive 99/5/EC,It is possible to use CE marking to demonstrate the compliance with this Directive.The scope of evaluation relates to the submitted documents only.It is only valid in connection with the test report number. 2015-05-13 ~
RoHS RoHS ALPHA TESTING Remote Controller RTU S130,S140,S150,S180,S25X,S26X,S27X,RTU501X,RTU502X,D22X,M16w 2015-11-03 ~
FCC FCC ALPHA TESTING Remote Controller RTU: S130,S140,S150,S180,S25X,S26X,S27X,RTU501X,RTU502X,D22X,M16w 2015-11-12 ~
画像 特許番号 特許名 特許タイプ 有効日---失効日 検証済み
Remote switch controller RTU5024 ZL 2020 3 0749875.8 Remote switch controller RTU5024 APPEARANCE_DESIGN 2021-05-27 ~
画像 商標番号 商標名 商標カテゴリ 有効日---失効日 検証済み
KING PIGEON 17053653 KING PIGEON Security & Protection>>Alarm,Security & Protection>>Other Security & Protection Products,Security & Protection>>Access Control Systems & Products>>Access Control System 2016-09-07 ~ 2026-09-06 検証済み


There is/are 21 - 30 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.